18d ART 十八有藝 - Brand Video


Brand Video for “18d ART 十八有藝”

Every district has a starting line

This year, the 18dART Community Arts Scheme* is bringing performing arts to 18 districts across the territory for all citizens to experience art hassle-free!

18dART is an all-new initiative that includes 24 immersive arts projects spanning an entire year. Participants are no longer passive viewers - find out for yourself how art can impact your life!

There are also a wide range of arts programmes and in-depth cultural tours to bring you closer to your neighbourhood.

Make your life different with art. The starting line is just around the corner!

*18dART is organised by the LCSD and the 18 District Councils. Follow our Facebook Page and stay tuned to further updates.

Brand Identity 



Lamdee @nocompany


Sam Chan


Carmen cheng

Assistant Director

John Lee @nocompany


Honing Fung, Malo Ma

Art Director

Mo Shun Yu

Production Manager

Twenty2 Production


Ng Wing Sze, Ng Wai Shek, Un Cheng

Hair and Make Up Artist

Leo Tam


John Lee @nocompany